Thank you for visiting. My name is Susie Bennett and ​I am researching the crisis of male suicide in Britain, the biggest killer of men under 45, in the hopes to build a greater understanding of what more society can do to protect men from feelings of despair.

There has been very little research into this issue and there is a need to create a clearer picture of what leads to feelings of suicide and what more could be done to support men who are feeling this way.

As part of this research project I will interview men who have attempted suicide, as well as those bereaved by male suicide, I will then bring these stories together to explore a deeper story of how suicidal feelings emerge and what more could be done to support men who are considering taking their own lives.

Do you have a story to share? 

I am looking for 30 people who are willing to share their experiences and take part in individual interviews with me. I would like to speak to people bereaved by male suicide and men who have attempted suicide, or had suicidal feelings, who are also:

  • aged 18 or over
  • live in the UK.

​Your story will be kept confidential and will be completely anonymised – your name will not be used in any reports or publications resulting from the study.  Interviews will take place between May and June 2018 at a time and location convenient to you. Interviews can either be face to face, over Skype, or on email, depending on your preference.

To find out more about the interviews click here. 

​I would like you to share your story with me, but given the highly personal and intimate nature of the topic, only if you feel completely comfortable to do so. You are under no obligation to take part. Personal experiences of suicide are intimate and complex, it is completely your decision as to whether you feel comfortable sharing your story. Given the sensitive nature of the project it is vital that you feel at ease at all points of the process. If you do take part, you are able to withdraw at any time should you decide you are no longer happy to proceed.

To take part click here.